Our Services

Depending on individual circumstances, we do not always adopt a conventional muscular skeletal approach.

Under the guidance of Dr Paul Patterson, who has pursued a continuous search for chiropractic Best Practice across several disciplines over many years, you can expect an unorthodox approach at times – one that looks beyond the expected parameters to the real reasons for pain and discomfort.

Pregnancy, Infants & Children

Professional care during and after pregnancy can unquestionably be beneficial in dealing with some of the most common pregnancy-related discomforts. Capacity Health is ideally placed to consult with expectant mothers in order to help alleviate some of the issues that are commonly experienced and improve comfort and mobility.

Sports & Athletes

The team at Capacity Health fully appreciates the varied nature of sports injuries.  Elite, professional, performance training and contact sports can place great stresses on the body that need to be carefully assessed and managed – especially when injuries and muscular strains are encountered.

Dr Paul Patterson and his team understand performance sports from the demanding perspective of the sportsperson, and are well placed to consult on remedial, preventative as well as injury recovery strategies.

When time catches up with us unexpectedly in middle age and pain results

Our bodies are generally designed to be remarkably resilient and forgiving.

Over time, though, unless we are mindful of the effects of inadequate exercise, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices, the body’s ability to recover and adapt may be greatly reduced.

The effects of incorrect posture and the general wear and tear that inevitably result from time and gravity taking its toll on the body can also result in long term pain and discomfort.  Capacity Health takes an holistic view and offers to work with clients on programmes that are designed to help adjust and reverse the effects of poor lifestyle habits in the past and open the way for a healthier future.

Retirees and caring for the Aged

When time takes its toll and retirees find their mobility affected by back problems, arthritic joints, the inability to walk far or enjoy a healthy exercise regime, in the majority of cases, there is a way forward.

The Capacity Health professionals are skilled in consulting in and delivering rehabilitation programmes that are designed to help retirees rediscover some youthful vigour, keep fit and find ways to enjoy an active and fulfilling retirement.